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A happy family

At Chatten’s Better Hearing Service, we take pride in offering each our clients the personalized service they deserve. See what some of our past and current customers have to say about our products and services. We look forward to working with you. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Excellent Staff

"Staff are all great"

"Heck of a difference from the other place I went. I had my aid for 5 days and I took it back and went to Chatten's"

"I think they do an excellent job"

"They make you feel welcome, give you the feeling they want to help you"

Dennis S.

They Treat You like Family

"They're the nicest people you ever want to meet... they're wonderful"

"I go every 3 months for regular service"

"They have been so nice to me"

"Wonderful people"

"Chatten's service is excellent"

"They're the best... they're like an extended family"

Betty O.

Incredible Service

"They even came to the nursing home to take the ear impressions for my aunt because she is 100 years old and it can be difficult for her to get out."

"Service is incredible... couldn't have been better"

"People are really friendly"

Lois D. (Niece of Verna B.)

Super to Deal With

"I've had to return a hearing aid once and they're super people"

"They are the nicest people I've ever dealt with. I've been with them for a number of years... can't say a bad thing about them.

Desmond T.

Helped to Replace Hearing Aid

"Service is excellent. They're very caring and conscientious of how they treat people and we will definitely go back to them"

"I lost one (hearing aid) once and they went to a lot of trouble to replace it to match my original"

"They're very good... staff is very, very friendly"

"They called just to see how we were doing because we hadn't been in for a while"

"I can't say enough about them, I think they're a super organization"

Dorothy B. (Spouse William B. also a client)

I’d Never Go Anywhere Else

"They're service is excellent... they couldn't be better"

"Lou (the hearing aid specialist) tells me straight, he gave me realistic expectations"

"I drive in from Port Perry and sometimes it (the coffee in the reception area) is just what I need... I can sit and relax for a few minutes"

"I'd never go anywhere else"

"They treat us like a friend... not a business"

"They even got me a telephone with a built in amplifier"

"They're the best as far as I'm concerned"

Mary O.

Great to Work With

"They are an absolutely terrific company"

Brian B.

Convenient Scheduling

"My appointments are every 3 months and are scheduled before I leave"

"I'm very happy with them (the staff)... They are excellent"

Bertha C.

I Recommend Chatten’s to Anyone

"Lou (the hearing aid specialist) is very good; he talks to you sensibly, in layman's terms so you understand"

"I think it's good of them to provide coffee and cookies for the people"

"Chatten's is a great place and I'd recommend them to anyone. They're a great bunch down there"

"They have a care for their patients, if they treat everyone like they treat me, I think that's wonderful"

Charlie A.

Customer for Over 20 Years

"I've been with them for 20 years and everyone is very good and always extremely co-operative"

Derek B.

Good Coffee & Cookies

"There is good coffee and always a sweet cookie"

Dorothy B. (spouse)

I have No Complaints

"They've always been good with me"

"I think the coffee and cookie are great"

"They're really great"

"I haven't any complaints about the way I've been treated"

"I could never say anything bad about them"

Agnes R.

No Hassle Hearing Aid Returns

"They're a big family"

"All the staff is friendly, they look after my appointments and the even phone and remind me ahead of time"

"My previous aids had to be returned but there were no hassles"

"Nothing seems to be too difficult for Chattens. They always take the time to listen and figure out what problems I'm having and keep working with me to fix the problem"

"The coffee is good, the cookies are great and the conversation is wonderful"

Douglas W.

Experienced Staff

"All I can say is excellent service"

"They know their business, they really know what they're doing"

"Lou (Hearing Aid Specialist) takes very good care of me and they always correct any problems as good as they can"

Margaret B.

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