Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss is invisible. Often those that have lost their hearing are the last to know about it. Usually others are the first to observe the change because they experience difficulty in communicating with their loved one who has a hearing loss.

A hearing loss is complex. It differs among people because of their specific degree of hearing loss and how they actually hear. People who are hard of hearing do not hear more softly, they hear differently. Frequently they hear distorted sound and a deafened person does not hear anything at all. Sometimes hearing loss is accompanied by other symptoms such as noises in the ears and/or head.

The environment affects how a person hears (i.e. room acoustics, background noise, and distance from a speaker). How the other person communicates is also critical.

If you have difficulty hearing, you are not alone. More people have a hearing loss than any other type of disability. 1in 10 Canadians of all ages and half the population over age 65, have a hearing loss.

What Are Some of the Causes of Hearing Loss?

There are two leading causes of hearing loss which are presbycusis or age related hearing loss and prolonged noise exposure. Hearing loss is also sometimes caused by infection, disease or certain medication.

How Do You Know if You Have Hearing Loss?

Here are some warning signs that you may be experiencing a loss of hearing:

  • Have to turn the volume up on the television set
  • Think everyone else is mumbling, making it difficult for you to understand them
  • Ask people to repeat themselves
  • You find whispers impossible to hear
  • Your family complains that you play the TV or radio too loudly
  • You find telephone conversation increasingly difficult
  • You have trouble hearing when you are not looking directly at the person speaking
  • You have been told that you speak too loudly
  • You experience ringing in your ears
  • You have difficulty understanding conversation when in a large group

What Should You Do If You Suspect You Have a Hearing Loss?

If you suspect you have a hearing loss you should schedule a complete hearing evaluation with a professional such as a Hearing Instrument Specialist or an Audiologist. Before choosing a hearing centre, it is important to feel comfortable and confident with your decision. At Chatten’s Better Hearing Service, your comfort is very important to us and we will perform a complete hearing evaluation.

A hearing test will test your ability to hear in each ear, in a variety of sound frequencies and in different situations. After you have your hearing tested, the Hearing Instrument Specialist will make recommendations to help you hear and understand for the best results possible.

Your hearing is a gift, think of what you could be missing. Contact us today to schedule a hearing test with a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

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